My Wife, My Hero

Note: As I was not present for the following event, I cannot account for its veracity. But Ella assures me what you are about to read is entirely accurate.

Ella rounded up the kids and took them to Target on Sunday afternoon while I worked on a project that has slowly eaten away what little brains I have remaining taken much of my free time lately. She decided to look at the Father's Day cards.

Zoey: First it was Mother's Day.
Ella: Yes.
Zoey: Now it's Father's Day.
Ella: Right.
Zoey: When is Kid's Day?
Unknown Woman Standing A Few Feet From Them: Every day is Kid's Day.
Ella: Ha! That's the truth.

Ella and Zoey turned their attention back to the card selection. Ella picked up one that a button inside which read, "Go ask your Mom!"

Zoey: What does that say?
Ella: Go ask your Mom.
Zoey: Why does it say that?
Ella: It means that Daddy gets to take the day off.
Unknown Woman Standing A Few Feet From Them: Which is also every day.

Now I would love to tell you that Ella turned around, pounced on the woman, and bitchslapped her senseless while the kids cheered her on. But Ella did tell the woman I was a caring, loving stay-at-home dad who seldom received days off as the woman backpedaled, stammered, and apologized.

God, I wish I had been there to witness Ella putting that woman in her place. But of course, had I been present, the following announcement might have been heard over the loudspeaker: "We need all available employees to clean up the headless woman in the greeting card section."