Because I Haven't Written About Music In Three Weeks!

Mamatulip tagged me with a music meme (note to anyone who cares about such things: if you ever want to get me to do a meme or talk your ear off, just mention music). I'm supposed to list seven songs I'm into Right Now This Very Minute. Since there have only been about six or seven albums released since 2002 (I stopped keeping up with the latest/hippest/coolest bands (or even top 40) around the time my daughter was born), I can't list seven songs I'm into Right Now that are actually popular Right Now.

But since I just made a mix CD on Friday morning for the drive to my weekend fishing/drinking/poker/basketball trip with the guys, I decided to list the first seven songs from that CD that I could find on YouTube so you can hear the songs. Cool?

Warning: This list, like my Top 100 Albums Of All Time, pretty much proves I have no taste. Actually, three of the following seven songs are by artists from my Top 100 list. I'm going to be one of those old men who, at age 70, listens to the same songs that were popular when he was 18. Which means I should probably just tear the knobs off my radio now. It's dead to me.

Kings of Leon Molly's Chambers
Yeah, this is the song from that Jetta commercial where the couple's funky dancing pisses off their neighbor. I've stopped listening to college radio and Top 40, but I haven't stopped watching television. That's where I go now to find music: television commercials. I suck.

Jellyfish Baby's Coming Back
Pure ear candy.

Junkyard Simple Man
I think I listened to this song for a good year until I realized it was "don't throw your pennies in the wishing well" and not "don't throw your panties in the wishing well." I'm a moron. But I still like my version better.

Atom & His Package Punk Rock Academy
This is a fan-made video made from anime clips. If you're not familiar with this song, please take a listen (it contains part of Eddie Money's Take Me Home Tonight (I'm not sure if this is a selling point or not)). This is one of my favorite artists of all time.

The Polyphonic Spree Lithium
Yup, it's a cover of the Nirvana song. Another fan-made video, this is not a complete copy of the song, but the video is so funny I just had to link to it. Watching this makes me really miss The Sifl & Olly Show.

The Bastard Fairies We're All Going To Hell
If you're very religious or have no sense of humor, do not listen to this song. If you end up liking this song, you can download their entire album for free here.

Kari Kimmel It's Not Just Make Believe
I like to put at least one song for Zoey on every mix I make. This is one of her favorite songs. It's pure teenybopper bubblegum music that namedrops the Disney Princesses. I don't like it. Not even one bit. Ok. Maybe I like it a little bit. Actually, I like it entirely too much.

I'm not going to tag anyone, but if this looks like fun and you decide to do it, let me know so I can check out your list.